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08:30 27 Sep 19
Ezmi has been a huge help for us. She has taken my 3 year old from not being able to put two words together to talking in full sentences within a few months. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. P.
tiaoyanli .
tiaoyanli .
19:48 19 Aug 19
Kamini is GREAT! She has provided me with all the necessary resources to improve my speech. I was sceptical on seeing a speech therapist, because it's expensive. However, she has provided me with a... plan where I don't need to see her as often. This demonstrates that she has the best intentions, and just wants to help people. She has helped me gain a new sense of confidence, and I'm grateful for this. I would 100 percent recommend going to see Kamini at Cornerstone more
Andrew F
Andrew F
06:04 11 Aug 19
We decided to ask for a speech language therapist review for our son as he was non verbal at 18months old. He was also very sensitive to many things including people in general, had frequent melt... downs and lacked the ability to communicate. We got an appointment pretty quickly with Ezmi who is an SLT. She was amazing. Our son made it very difficult for Ezmi to approach and assess him, but she worked around it and she listened very well.She didn’t down play our concerns. She was attentive, and that was reflected in her thorough and accurate report of him. She agreed with us regarding the concern of possible autism, and referred him to Child Development Centre. Our son is now almost 3 and formally diagnosed with autism via CDC. Ezmi’s report helped a lot in the otherwise potentially long process. We are still facing a lot of challenges, but are very grateful to receive the help he needs this early. We were also given useful strategies to improve his speech and communication skills, which we are still using to date with some success. He is now able to respond to certain keywords, have interactive plays with us and can sometimes use a word to tell us what he needs (very occasionally). This is a huge deal for a child with autism at this age!Highly recommended!read more
Andrea Bossenger
Andrea Bossenger
00:58 18 Jul 19
Our daughter had difficulty with particularly her s and f pronunciation, we could understand her, but most other people couldn’t. We found that the therapy was extremely helpful for her, and helped... us with how to help her. Her improvement was very quick, far quicker than we had more
Glori Wang
Glori Wang
18:40 14 Jul 19
Staff team are professional yet very warm - genuinely empathetic and respect the needs of child, and willing to go extra mile to support the parents. Especially Kamini, who has made great connections... with my daughter to foster her continuous progress. Totally appreciated and highly more
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Cornerstone Therapy - Rototuna
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Nikolett Bíró
Nikolett Bíró
06:40 30 Nov 19
Such a great service. The therapists are knowledgeable and skilled, and amazing with the children. My students have made tremendous progress having received service from Cornerstone.
Laurel Mason
Laurel Mason
05:50 09 Oct 19
Cornerstone speech therapy has been absolutely pivotal to understanding our son's disfleuncy and actively helping him with strategies to overcome his early speech difficulties. Thank you Ezmi and the team.
Bronwyn Nicholas
Bronwyn Nicholas
19:22 22 Sep 19
All of the therapists that work with our children are amazing. They are knowledgeable, personable and helpful. Couldn't ask for a better team.
Nicole Horrex
Nicole Horrex
09:20 22 Sep 19
Wonderful service. Has made the world of difference for my daughter who had lost confidence in her pronouncing of certain words. Has changed her life and it’s so amazing to see her confidence grow.
Jo Brennan
Jo Brennan
00:09 05 Sep 19
What an awesome service Kamini and her team runs at Cornerstone Therapy. Very friendly and helpful staff everywhere you turn who are knowledgeable, helpful, efficient and reliable. This service has provided essential and practicle Speech Language Therapy for so many of the children I work with and all of them have benefitted hugely from this team's.
Berdine Bekker
Berdine Bekker
07:45 15 Jul 19
Ezmi is amazing. She has helped my little boy so much with his language delay. We can see improvement's daily. He is so much happier and has less temper tantrums because he is able to express what he feels and gets less frustrated.
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  • I have used Cornerstone Therapy with 2 of my children. Kamini and Shannon were both fantastic with my children. They make the therapy lots of fun with age appropriate games to play and my kids love going back each week. The improvement to my daughters speech was phenomenal and she went off to school a lot more confident talking to her friends and teachers thanks to Kamini. Highly recommend Cornerstone Therapy 😊

    Fiona Schilov
  • Our involvement with Cornerstone Therapy, and Kamini in particular, has been extremely positive.  Kamini has provided us with so many ideas to help with Lachlan’s communication development and the progress he has made in the pasttwelve months is huge.

    Every therapy session is full of appropriate activities and at the end of  the session we are left with a plan of what to continue working on.

    It is so important that Lachlan’s potential is both recognized and developed  and we thank Kamini for doing just that.

    Shari & Joey Barrymore-Uden ( Hamilton)
  • When Liam started speech therapy at Cornerstone Therapy, he had limited vocabulary and speech, as well as feeding issues.

    Today, Liam has progressed tremendously, and is able to communicate fluently with us, as well as his peers.

    We are truly pleased with his progress and appreciate the excellent results from the sessions conducted by Kamini , which have proven to be very effective speech therapy and learning times.

    Our sincere thanks to Kamini

    Selly and Liam Andersen
  • Kamini has been our son’s therapist for 9 months, during this time Karmini has been able to assist our son with his speech difficulties caused by recurrent ear issues.
    Her patience are amazing and the exercises and tricks she has to keep our son focused are outstanding.. His ongoing improvement is noticeable on a daily basis and as a result we have seen improvements with his confidence and behaviour. Our sons talking can now be understood by others,
    The improvement it has made to our sons life is immeasurable.
    I would highly recommend Kamini and her team to anyone who’s child needs a little assistance.

    Sheree Revell, AT
    Sidekick Accountant
  • The children at Conductive Education have been using the services of Kamini Naidoo at Cornerstone Therapy for 9 years.

    We are truly pleased with the progress of the children attending and appreciate the excellent results from the sessions provided by Kamini. Her sessions are conducted in a fun way through games, educational toys and computers.

    Kamini is very attentive to each child’s own individual needs.  She offers a great service, ideas and advice pertaining to the children. She is very professional and committed to the children.

    Many thanks

    Conductive Education Waikato
  • Thanks for helping me with my accent.  I can now be understood by all my tutors at Uni !

  • Thank you, Kamini,  for being so patient with our daughter! Her confidence has increased so much since she can now be understood by all her friends.

    Anna and Gregg
  • Thank you both for organizing the re-assessment of L.  He is a student fully deserving of any support we can give him, and it was a joy to speak with him after the assessment, Gaylene, and find him so buoyed up by it and the possible outcome!

    L M
  • Thank you for providing me with therapy for my voice. Your insight and recommendations were invaluable. Due to your  advice and exercises I am now able to return to work full time and also have the skills to prevent any further harm to my voice.

  • Alyssa has had  difficulties since she was 6 months old and it had been a difficult challenge for us. Our concern was “Will she start to eat or drink one day?”. What impressed my husband and I,  was after our first visit, Alyssa started to make good progress with her feeding. Alyssa is  no longer afraid of having food going into her mouth and starts to realise that it can be fun.

    We are very pleased with Kamini’s professionalism and happy about the results. Thank you for everything that you have done.

    Thanks again.

    David and Jennifer Leong (Hamilton)