Cornerstone Therapy therapists are able to provide assessments and therapy to both Children & Adults.

For Children

Our specialist paediatric therapists are able to provide assessments and therapy for the following :

  • Articulation, Phonology Disorders ( unclear speech) and Child Apraxia of Speech (CAS)
  • Phonological awareness (sound awareness for reading  and spelling) & literacy difficulties
  • Auditory Processing Difficulties ( listening and following instructions)
  • Understanding and expressing language
  • Feeding and swallowing
  • Language Based Learning Difficulties
  • Stuttering
  • Voice
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

For Adults

Our therapists experienced in adult intervention can provide assessment and therapy for:

  • Traumatic Brain injury
  • Strokes
  • Voice
  • Swallowing and feeding difficulties

Individualised assessments depending on the need of the individual.

An assessment may involve:

  • Standardised assessments
  • Observation of the individual if necessary in their familiar environments (home, kindergarten or school) undertaking everyday life skills
  • Parent/ teacher/family questionnaires and or interview
  • Direct interaction with the child/adult
  • Verbal and written feedback
  • We offer therapy in our office and in the clients’ natural  environment (i.e.: home, kindergarten, school, workplace)
  • We use Collaborative approach with the individual’s family / whanau, carer, kindergarten, school and other agencies
  • All therapy sessions include therapist feedback, encouragement, and strategies for follow- up
  • We develop programs for parents/caregivers/ teachers to implement at home/school if necessary
  • Sessions are one-on-one contact or group sessions to specifically focus on individual goals and development
  • Service is provided by a multidisciplinary team if necessary